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Walsh PoE Lighting is an industry leading integrator providing design, purchasing, programming and installation services.  We work closely with architects, end users, universities and healthcare facilities to bring controllable technology and comfort to any space.

Why Should my Facility Consider PoE Lighting?

A centralized PoE hub provides a single network bringing together lighting, sensors, building automation, HVAC, analytics and other technologies.  


Power over Everything


Ease of Installation

Supports faster and easier installation by cabling installers and integrators.


Increased Productivity

Centralizes management and control so devices can be managed remotely. Improve real estate use to decrease costs.



Allows for fast, easy scalability when necessary.



Allows real-time information sharing so that, when IP-enabled devices are connected to the network, they can send and receive information to each other and to a central location. Collect data from whole facility, specific zones, or individual spaces


Connected & Protected

Higher efficiency, increased safety, increased comfort, and lower cost of facility operations


Need for Speed

Permits faster moves, adds and changes without business interruption.

Walsh PoE is a certified installer of Molex and IGOR systems.