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What is PoE

Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power.

Why use PoE Lighting?

PoE lighting eliminates the need for separate electrical and control wires by using power over ethernet net cables to transmit data between the fixture and control software.

Each device is assigned a unique IP address for 2-way communications with the building’s IT network for enhanced control and customization

What does Walsh PoE Lighting do?

We are certified PoE lighting systems designers, installers and integrators who work with your architect to create a highly functional and customizable lighting system for any project.

Walsh PoE Lighting professionals will be responsible throughout the process to ensure the entire PoE lighting system including the light fixture, PoE components, cabling & controls installations to insure proper operations.

Do I have to use a special light fixture?

NO! All LED Light fixtures can be used for PoE lighting System.  PoE lighting system includes five basic components: the network controller, the user interface(s), the PoE switch, the luminaires, and any auxiliary devices such as sensors or switches LED Fixtures operate on DC Power. 

Currently,  manufacturers design LED fixtures to be integrated into existing high voltage networks of traditional lighting fixtures. In contrast PoE lighting fixtures operate on DC currents traveling over Cat5/6 data cables to deliver power and data. Our professionals will work with lighting manufacturers to ensure the appearance and quality of the fixture is maintained

Why should I consider PoE Lighting?

The practical benefits are many, including the ease of installation, flexibility in adding, changing, or removing devices, and the control of devices. However, other benefits include additional energy savings, data analytics for learning, and simple interfaces to use and zone devices. Also, it does not depend on wireless internet connection, allowing the PoE connected devices to continue operating even in the event of wireless signal disturbances or interference. 

Lighting control is usually the first step to maximizing the benefits that Power over Ethernet (PoE) can provide. Bringing your lighting fixtures into the world of internet of things (IoT) provides the platform to be flexible and adapt to future needs.

Where has this been done before?

Approximately 2M SF of PoE Lighting systems are being implemented on many major projects.  Below is a list of projects that have been completed in NYC:

KKR – NYC (Office) 300,00 Sf

Skadden – NYC (Office) 750,000 SF

PineBridge – NYC (Office)

Deutsche Bank – NYC (Office)

Diageo – NYC (Office)

Which projects are best for PoE applications?

PoE lighting systems are being adopted in larger and more commercial settings in the market such as corporate offices, data centers, hospitals and schools. It works best when this technology is part of the design and specification consideration for new construction projects or gut renovation.

Walsh PoE professionals will provide you with granular control, a designer lighting balance to optimize comfort and health, emergency lighting support, and a customizable security settings.

Where can I see a PoE lighting system?

Come see the new Walsh PoE Lighting showroom located at 22 Speedwell Avenue in Morristown NJ.  Our showroom is the first PoE lighting Showroom in NJ showcasing 15 types of lighting fixtures and multiple lighting manufacturers. We also showcase two different lighting platforms, Molex and Igor which our showroom room and office utilize.